Basic Shipping Concepts

Get to know all the essentials to start shipping.

Send any type of package

Reduce time and costs, quote shipments of envelopes, boxes and pallets instantly. Each package has its specification of how to send.

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Calculate shipping rates

Calculate the shipping rates with multiple packages at the same time. Select the best option and start sending.

Express services

Same day local shipping with deliveries available before 10am or 12pm. Increase customer satisfaction with live shipping tracking.


Centralized summary of your shipments. Monitor, analyze and understand the behavior of your shipment.


To insure your package, declare the value of products being sent. Insurance varies by carrier. We only support the loss of theft.

Envia Service Desk

Any issue you may have with the platform use, raise a ticket in our service desk to have our support take care of it available 24/7.

Shipping Rule

Create a shipping rule for specified ecommerce. Your shipping rules allow you to speed the label creation process by automatically selecting the recommended services according to your ecommerce orders characteristics and the established rules.

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